Our school
Achieving Excellence Together

Starting Primary School is a major milestone for your child. Here at Niraj Kindergarten & Primary School we are committed to ensuring every child has a high quality education as close to home as possible.
Our aim is not only to teach your children; it is to fuel their desire to learn continuously for the rest of their lives.


Niraj Kindergarten & Primary School, Hyderabad is an innovative, visionary project designed to open avenues of exceptional quality education. Located in the heart of the city, we have two sections offering Pre-Primary (2.5-5.5 year olds) and Primary (5-10 year olds) programmes. The school offers an education to face real life situations, places importance on knowledge and fosters the child's physical, emotional and intellectual growth. Our programmes equip children to live successfully and happily as individuals, as members of the school community and as responsible citizens of the world. In Hyderabad, Niraj is the name which has been associated with high quality education for more than 28 years. Niraj Kindergarten & Primary School is an initiative of the Niraj Educational Society which runs the prestigious Niraj Public School and Niraj International School. The School Board comprises of distinguished educationist and the Chairperson of the School Dr. (Mrs) B. Jyothi Reddy and Director Mr. Gavish Reddy. It has an Advisory council comprising of professionals from various fields of life.

We support the pupils desire to play and have fun, and also teach them about moral and ethical values, etiquette and social behavior.


Admissions in our school start as early as October /November. Admissions for certain grades are throughout the year. Kindly contact the admission office at Niraj Kindergarten and Primary School for further details. We kindly request the parents to submit the duly completed application form along with all relevant documents on or before the stipulated date. The submission of an application form does not guarantee admission.

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Transport &

Our students are our most precious treasure. We ensure their full security in the school, and we want to make their trip to and from school as safe as possible. Therefore, Niraj Kindergarten & Primary School issues Escort Cards (or safety cards) for the people picking and dropping our students to school. At NKPS the children are met every morning by the school teachers, so that the parents would not need to waste their time and bring the children to their class.

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Our Strengths

Faculty and Staff

Kindergarten & Primary School is fortunate to have highly trained and dedicated staff members who embody the philosophies and concepts of our school. They are student-centered and put all their effort to provide excellence in education through a caring and diverse environment that encourages the holistic development of each student.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellence in education through a caring, loving and diverse environment that encourages the holistic development of each student. This commitment is articulated in the school motto, "Achieving Excellence Together". The greatest strength of Niraj Kindergarten & Primary School lies in the continuing efforts to put these words and ideas into action.

Our Vision

At Niraj Kindergarten & Primary School, we aim at giving the children a school with a friendly environment conducive to teaching and learning, and teaching practices which help develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring students, prepared to succeed in a challenging world.


At Niraj Kindergarten & Primary School, we work together to provide excellence in education through a diverse and caring environment that encourages the holistic development of each student.